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Charm Packs - African Print Designs/ Ankara, Precut 5” Quilting Fabric Squares

House Of Mami Wata

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Charm Packs - African Print Designs/ Ankara, Precut 5” Quilting Fabric Squares

This listing is for 42 African print fabric squares with dimensions 5" x 5". Squares are brand new and you will receive 2 squares of each pattern up to a maximum of 100 patterns unless otherwise noted below. Use them for quilting, jewelry, doll making, artwork, stationery, patches, buttons etc. you name it!!!

The 100% COTTON (WAXED) option is 100% cotton with a waxed finish. The waxed finish generally makes the fabric stiffer and shinier. To maintain this waxed texture, dry cleaning is recommended otherwise the fabric can be machine washed in cold water with like colors to remove this wax texture.

The POLYCOTTON option is for various polyester/cotton blend fabrics. The fiber content results in a generally lighter weight fabric that is more fade-resistant than 100% cotton fabrics. Maximum of 30 patterns.

The METALLIC option is 100% cotton, lightly waxed with metallic accents incorporated into the design. You will receive 3 squares of each pattern included for a total of 14 designs. Maximum of 21 patterns.

For the CUSTOM option, please include the colors or the names of the specific fabric patterns you would like which are currently in stock. You will receive at least 3 squares of each pattern named so please list up to 14 specific designs that you would like. If you do not specify your selection at the time of your order, a random selection will be chosen for you.

Please be aware that the actual designs received are random and the photos provided show examples of the actual product. Special care is given to make sure a wide range of colors and patterns are included in each order. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

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