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African Fabric/ Woven, Kente - Silver “Serwa”, ~2 Yards

House Of Mami Wata

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African Fabric/ Woven, Kente - Silver “Serwa”, ~2 Yards
Print: Double- sided
Material: Cotton, Synthetic Silver fibers
Width: ~49"
Texture: Sweater-like, embroidered designs
Main colors: Silver

This gorgeous woven Kente is 100% cotton, approximately 49" wide, with a muted sheen and a temporarily finished cut edge.

The consistency is most similar to a fine sweater and it weighs approximately 1 lb/ yard. The fabric has 'character' and is not a perfect machine woven fabric. Sometimes there may be an extra loop or you can see where a strand of woven material ended, akin to a hand knitted blanket.

If the Kente contains metallic golden accents woven through (check the materials section), that fiber is synthetic and would be slightly scratchy if in direct contact with the skin, so it's best to line those pieces or wear appropriate undergarments.

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