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African Bazin (Brocade) Fabric - Red, Per Yard

House Of Mami Wata

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African Bazin (Brocade) Fabric - Red, Per Yard
African Bazin (Brocade) Fabric - Red, Per Yard
Print: Double-sided
Material: 100% Cotton (Perfumed)
Width: ~50"
Texture: Stiff, Shiny
Main colors: Red

USE: This brocade is a lightweight, luxurious fabric with an embossed texture that almost gives the material the feel of being embroidered. It's commonly used in clothing alone or mixed with other popular African fabrics such as Ankara and lace.

FABRIC CUT: Purchase of 1+ yards per customer will be cut as 1 continuous
piece of fabric up to a maximum length of 5 yards

Please be aware that colors may appear slightly different from physical product due to your monitor's settings.

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